Employment: Full-Time

Position: Operations Data Analyst/Scientist

Job Description: The Operations Data Analyst/Scientist must perform the following duties: Develop, modify, maintain, and improve company reporting processes using a variety of reporting and analysis tools i.e. Python, R, SQL programming languages; oversee tech manuf. development from prototype to production stages; perform statistical analysis of anticipating effect of custom rulings on product distribution; use power BI, Tableau, and Data Studio to manipulate and communicate large amounts of data to Stakeholders; recognize and present key indicators of int’l trade and logistics, and; use API interference connections to coordinate with all company platforms.

Education Requirements: An Applicant must have at least a BA/BS in Business Management, Data Management, or related.

Experience Requirements: Must have at least 24 months of experience in tech development, growth management, database administration, or related.

Other Requirements: Only incidental domestic and international travel is required, and only where said travel is necessary to help establish strategic sourcing partners in China, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil. An applicant must have familiarity with API interference connections, Python, R, and SQL programming languages; and a willingness to present ideas related to expansion of company service sin international trade and logistics.

Who to Contact: If interested, please mail resume to:

Implementing Ideas (Attn: Sofia Mahjoub), 1130 S.

1680 W. Orem, UT 84058


email us at sofia.mahjoub@implementingideas.com