Printed Circuit Board

With over 150 combined years of experience in the industry, we know PCBAs.  No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered.  We offer prototyping, production runs, consulting, testing, inspections, and so much more to help you with any PCBA project you can think of! Check out our industry page to see what industries and companies we’ve worked with!

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Our technicians are experienced and equipped to handle any cable harness project you might need, no matter where you are at in the process!  


Several customers choose Implementing Ideas as their one stop shop for all their product’s needs.  Not only are we able to build PCBAs or Cable Harnesses, but also do the upper level assembly, including mechanical, electromechanical, metal, plastic or composite hardware. 


Looking to build just one or two boards? Implementing Ideas specializes in small prototype runs that other companies were unwilling to handle.  Our team has years of experience completing prototype runs for large multinational companies. 


As we’ve helped smaller customers grow, we have grown too.  Implementing Ideas now produces several production runs for various customers who have worked with us from the beginning.  We are now equipped to assemble productions run with the same effectiveness as our prototype runs.  We can do production runs as large as your needs require.


We encourage our customers to bring by their testing jigs so the board testing can be done in house before delivery.  Doing so gives both you and Implementing Ideas a greater peace of mind, knowing that the boards met expected functional criteria.  In addition, it frees up your time to continue generating great ideas for future work!


We offer a unique network of engineering services, with engineers qualified in a variety of expertise and eager to design your product for you.  Wherever you are in the design process, our engineers can help.


Our team is trained to met IPC standards for classes 1-3.  We use Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems to ensure all components are placed correctly, limiting the human error factor.


With over 150 years of combined experience, Implementing Ideas knows PCBAs.  Come visit with us for a free consultation to learn what the best plan is for your projects.  In addition, Implementing Ideas offers maintenance engineering services to best consult on how we can serve you.


Received some faulty units from China? You don’t necessarily need to scrap them and start over. Bring them to our facility and allow Implementing Ideas to bring them up to USA quality standards and functionality. Implementing Ideas is also known for its ability to rework BGA’s, cut and jump traces, and work with wire modifications to bring design issues to a working state prior to creating revisions to design files.

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Do you have a great idea but you aren’t sure where to start?  Do you need help developing a kickstarter?  We love helping entrepreneurs to Implement their Ideas! Click here to tell us more about your idea and we’ll reach out to you within 2-4 business days!

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Our engineers have a variety of expertise and we are eager to help design your product for you, wherever you are in the design process.  We are known for our ability to make modifications to existing design issues and creating revisions to existing design files too!