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What is a Cable Harness: What You Need to Know

By September 15, 2020No Comments

What is a Cable Harness? 

A cable harness is known by a few different names including a wire harness, wiring harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly, or wiring loom. Essentially, it is a grouping of loose electrical cables that are bound together by a durable material such as rubber, vinyl, or electrical tape to protect the delicate wiring and for more organization. Cable harnesses transmit signals and electrical power. 

How are Cable Harnesses Used? 

Cable harnesses are used in a variety of industries and ways. They are always used in situations where organization and durability are important factors in electrical wiring. Some of the industries where they are used include: 

  1. Industrial Control 

It can be helpful to use a wire harness in industrial control so that you can organize different systems in the same area. It is important to ensure that all cables are set up correctly so the systems function as they should. 

  1. Medical 

Cable harnesses are very useful in the medical sector because they are so useful with organization. They help keep medical equipment running smoothly in a highly sensitive environment. 

  1. Telecommunications 

Cable harnesses are also very useful in the telecommunications industry. They help keep all the wires organized so that communication can be quick and effective. 

  1. Military 

Finally, the Military Industry uses cable harnesses. Because the Military often operates in extreme conditions, it is important that they have wiring that is protected from different elements such as moisture, dust, temperature, and friction can occur. 

What is the Wire Harness Assembly Process? 

The process of assembling a wire harness includes a few different steps. EPEC Engineered Technologies lists these steps: 


  1. Installing the wires and/or subassemblies on the assembly board.
  2. Routing wires and/or subassemblies through any required sleeves.
  3. Applying wraps, ties, or tapes, particularly on any branch-outs.
  4. Crimping terminals onto wires, especially if more than one wire goes into one terminal.


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