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Implementing Ideas

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Assembling Your Vision

Implementing Ideas

For the assembly of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), harnesses, and electronic products.

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We Are AS9100D With ISO 9001:2015 Certified By NSF-ISR Day

Assembling Your Vision

Implementing Ideas

Welcome to the team that shares your vision.

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Implementing Ideas

Why market-leading brands choose us

Discover why industry leaders entrust their vision to Implementing Ideas – where expertise meets innovation, ensuring unparalleled electronic manufacturing solutions.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Transforming your ideas into vibrant circuits. With 16 years of experience, we ensure precision and performance in every assembly. Your vision, our connection.

Cable Harness Assembly

The symphony of connectivity. With two decades of experience, we create harnesses that unite not just cables but also solutions. Your innovation, our connection.

Upper Assembly

Elevating quality, elevating your vision. With 16 years of mastery in upper assemblies, each product reflects our dedication. Your success, our connection.


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Brad Huber
Brad Huber
Implementing Ideas is awesome. We've been a customer for years. David and his team do great manufacturing work. Rare for Utah and Utah Valley.
Rich Mouritsen
Rich Mouritsen
We had a situation where we needed a particular cables that our normal supplier wasn't able to supply in a timely manner. Implementing Ideas did a great job of understanding what we needed and delivered the cables in a very timely manner. And they worked great!
Joshua Webber
Joshua Webber
This team is awesome! I highly recommend reaching out for any engineering and development needs, they are building some amazing things.
Andy Loveless
Andy Loveless
Very knowledgeable and kind staff

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Extensive expertise that extends across a diverse range of industries, ensuring comprehensive solutions tailored to unique challenges and opportunities in various business sectors.






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Assembling Your Vision

Success Stories

Discover the stories of satisfaction and success straight from those who’ve experienced the excellence of our services. Hear what our valued clients have to say about their journey with Implementing Ideas.