Assembling Your Vision


Implementing Ideas excels in Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), also known as Circuit Card Assembly (CCA), along with wire harness and mechanical assembly, providing a one-stop turnkey solution—flexibility and scalability to meet diverse client needs for their electronic products. Agencies, businesses, and associations identify their project needs, and Implementing Ideas manufactures and delivers the solution.

What sets Implementing Ideas apart from other electronic assembly companies?

Implementing Ideas excels at providing superb customer service, quick turn around times, competitive pricing, and excellent quality. Our number one priority is to create lasting relationships with our customers and to help them achieve their goals. Customers frequently stop in to check on the status of their boards. Stopping by offers us an opportunity to visit with each of them and build those strong relationships that other companies don’t offer.

Who do I contact to find more information about Implementing Ideas?

If you are looking to submit a request for quote (RFQ), simply quick on the Quote button on the top right hand corner of the website and follow the instructions. Your quote will be sent to you within 1-2 business days. If there is something you can’t find on our website, please email Our team will send you a response within 24 hours. You can also reach out to use using the chat option in the bottom right hand corner of our website.

How does Implementing Ideas handle confidential information?

Each employee and customer that comes through our doors must sign an NDA. Customer-supplied information is never shared with anyone except those assigned to the project within Implementing Ideas and those on the AVL (approved vendor list) provided by the customer. No information is allowed to leave our premises and information is stored on a password protected server with access granted and limited only to account managers and upper management.

Who are some of the customers you service and what do you assemble for them?

We work with customers specializing in a wide variety of industries; including Lockheed Martin, Blendtec, and Biofire to name a few, who design products such as military/commercial aerial drones, medical devices, submarines, blenders, speakers, and so much more. We have also expanded our influence with boards we’ve assembled in products around the world. Check out our Industries page to see more about the companies we’ve worked for and the projects we’ve done in the past!

What do I need to submit in order to receive a quote?

To receive a quote from one of our Account Managers, please fill out the quote form. You can access this by clicking the Free Quote button in the top right hand corner of our website. Our quoting form will assist you in adding and uploading the correct information to provide an accurate quote, sometimes in as little as a day.

How will I benefit from working with Implementing Ideas?

Not only will you receive top quality boards, but you will also have a personalized experience through each phase of the assembly process. We work hard to build lasting relationships with each customer who walks through our doors and we look forward to doing that with you too. Check out some of our testimonials under the Why Choose Us tab at the top to learn more about why others enjoyed working with us!

Can we provide our own supplies?

Yes! Implementing Ideas is always anxious to do what works best for each customer. We do turnkey assemblies (materials are fully purchased by Implementing Ideas), hybrid assemblies (partial purchase by Implementing Ideas), and consignment assemblies (fully purchased by you).

How long does it take to process my orders and receive the products/units?

Our assembly turn around dates depend on each project: the quantity, complexity, and whether a project is turnkey or consignment. After all parts and PCB’s are received, our turn around dates start at 2 business days and range up to 5 weeks, depending on parts availability.