Director of Sales

Jared Wilson

Jared Wilson is an experienced Sales Director recognized for his exceptional ability to cultivate relationships, understand customer needs, and facilitate connections that drive mutual success. Based on a deep passion for service and connection, Jared’s career is marked by a dedication to serving others and fostering meaningful interactions. This spirit, discovered during a life-changing two-year mission in Antofagasta, Chile, has shaped his professional approach, emphasizing empathy, understanding, and genuine commitment in all his endeavors.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: This foundational education, complemented by Jared’s commitment to extensive self-study in communication and sales, has equipped him with a solid set of skills essential for success in the dynamic fields of business and sales.

Professional Experience

Implementing Ideas, Director of Sales: In his current role, Jared leverages his multifaceted experience to forge meaningful connections, deeply understand customer needs, and drive successful partnerships. His leadership is characterized by a proven track record of exceeding expectations and empowering team members, significantly contributing to the company’s growth and success.

Internet Sales Director: Prior to joining Implementing Ideas, Jared mastered digital engagement and lead generation for three dealerships, demonstrating his ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of online sales.

Finance Manager and Top Car Salesperson: Demonstrating versatility, Jared excelled in the automotive sector, first as a top-performing salesperson and later developing his financial acumen as a finance manager, highlighting his broad skill set and adaptability.

Verizon, Retail Store Manager and Trainer: Jared’s sales leadership journey began at Verizon, where he honed his coaching skills, managed a retail store, and cultivated impactful customer relationships, setting a high standard for team performance and customer satisfaction.


Jared’s career is marked by significant achievements reflecting his commitment to excellence, continuous growth, and the power of genuine connections. His transformative impact at Implementing Ideas, marked by expanding client partnerships and driving the company towards industry leadership, underscores his ability to implement strategies that yield tangible results. Beyond professional accolades, Jared’s passion for service, leadership, and fostering deep connections continues to inspire those around him and contribute to his reputation as a trusted leader in sales.

Personal Interests

Outside of the professional realm, Jared is a accomplished musician, proficient in the trombone, euphonium, ukulele, and guitar. An avid traveler, he has explored diverse cultures and landscapes across Europe, enriching his perspective and fueling his passion for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Jared also finds joy and creativity in wood carving and is a voracious reader, constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and understanding of the world.

Jared Wilson’s unique combination of professional excellence, commitment to service, and personal passions make him a distinguished figure in the realm of sales and customer relations, poised to continue making a profound impact in his industry and beyond.