Rocio Tenorio

Rocio Tenorio is an accomplished Purchasing Manager with a unique blend of creative and analytical skills, grounded in her background in Graphic Design in Computers. She lives by the mantra “Do the best all the time,” a philosophy that has guided her through various stages of her career and education. Rocio’s commitment to excellence and continuous learning has seen her successfully transition from an account manager to a pivotal role as a Purchasing Manager, where she leverages her skills to optimize procurement processes and contribute to the overall efficiency and success of her organization.


  • Graphic Design in Computers: Rocio’s educational journey began with a focus on the creative and technical aspects of graphic design, providing her with a solid foundation in visual communication and problem-solving through design.
  • Studied at BYU and UVU: Her academic pursuits continued at Brigham Young University (BYU) and Utah Valley University (UVU), where she expanded her knowledge base and skill set, further preparing her for the challenges of the business world.
  • Teaching Certifications: Committed to both personal growth and the sharing of knowledge, Rocio has obtained teaching certifications, highlighting her ability to communicate complex concepts effectively and her dedication to education.

Professional Experience

  • Account Manager to Purchasing Manager: Starting her career as an Account Manager, Rocio honed her skills in client relationship management, negotiation, and strategic planning. Four years ago, she transitioned to the role of Purchasing Manager, a move that capitalized on her strong organizational and analytical skills. In this role, she has excelled in managing procurement processes, vendor relations, and cost optimization.

Personal Philosophy and Goals

  • Continuous Learning: A core component of Rocio’s philosophy is her belief in the power of lifelong learning. She continually seeks new opportunities to gain knowledge and improve her skills, staying abreast of industry trends and best practices.
  • Excellence in Every Endeavor: Rocio approaches every task with the intention of achieving the highest standards of excellence. This commitment is evident in both her professional achievements and her approach to overcoming challenges.