Senior Account Manager

Rylie Twitchell

Rylie Twitchell stands out in his role as Senior Account Manager, leveraging a distinctive combination of creative, therapeutic, and academic pursuits to excel in client relationship management. His career is marked by an exceptional ability to understand and meet client needs, supported by a broad foundation in architectural design, therapeutic practices, and a commitment to ongoing education. This blend of skills and experiences enables Rylie to navigate complex challenges and build strong, lasting relationships with clients.


Began with studies in Architectural Design and Engineering at Utah Valley University (UVU), reflecting an early interest in the intersection of creativity and technical problem-solving.
Transitioned to a focus on health and wellness, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. This certification added a new dimension to his skill set, emphasizing personal well-being and care.
Continues to pursue educational growth through BYU Pathway, demonstrating his dedication to lifelong learning and professional development.
Professional Experience

As a Senior Account Manager, Rylie’s role is pivotal in maintaining and nurturing client accounts. His diverse background equips his with a unique perspective, allowing his to offer innovative solutions and maintain high levels of client satisfaction. His approach combines analytical thinking with empathetic communication, fostering positive client interactions and successful outcomes.

Personal Aspirations

Rylie’s ambitions extend beyond his professional achievements:

Further Education: He is committed to enhancing his qualifications and broadening his expertise to open up new career paths and opportunities.
Family Life: Rylie envisions starting a family, emphasizing his values of connection, community, and personal fulfillment.
Homeownership: Aiming to purchase a home, she looks forward to creating a personal haven that supports his creative and wellness-oriented lifestyle.
Retirement Planning: With a prudent and forward-thinking approach, Rylie is already planning for a secure and fulfilling retirement, highlighting his responsible and strategic approach to life and career planning.